Meet Pacer

This is Pacer. His job is to inject a bit of fun and levity into the course to help us remember not to take things too seriously, even though health is important.

Pacer is a tortoise. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? There are a variety of iterations of Aesop's fable, but the moral is often phrased thus: slow and steady wins the race.

The key principle underlying this course is that slow, steady progress will eventually get you where you're going, and may even ultimately get you farther, faster, than brief frenzied spurts here and there. So Pacer and I want you to remember to pace yourself. I also want you to remember to give yourself grace along the way.

So here's our key catchphrase for this course. (It works well for all of life!)

Slow and steady, race with grace.

It is my hope that the playfulness of the Pacer character will serve as a reminder to "race with grace," encourage you to have fun with this process, and maybe even help you engage your children more effectively in the changes you're making.

Below you'll find an image you can download for use as a Facebook cover if you want to use it as a reminder.

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